Withlacoochee Patches and Other Insignia

South Georgia Council, BSA

Patches and Other Insignia 

Regular Wear Patches 

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2013 Jambo Flap (FF)   S12 2020 Conclave Service Lodge


2013 Charter Issue

  S13 2020 Conclave Earned Service Lodge


2013 Regular Issue

  S14/X172 2020 NOAC Trader Set


2013 Ceremony Team   S15/X182 2020 NOAC Delegate Set
R2 2013 Ceremony Setup Team   X19 2020 Ceremony Team
M1 Metal Flap   X20 2020 Cooking Team
X1 2014 Ceremony Team   S16 2021 Conclave Host
X2 2014 S9 Conclave   S17 Regular Issue
X3 2015 S9 Conclave   X21 2021 Ceremony Team

NOAC 2015 Set

  X22 2021 Cooking Team
S5 2015 Centennial Flap   S18 Outstanding Arrowman Award
X5 2015 Ceremony Team   S19 Elangomat Award
S6 2015 NOAC Bus   S20/X23 2022 NOAC Fund Raiser Set
S7 Regular Issue   S21/X24 2022 NOAC Set
X6 2016 S9 Conclave   S22/X25 2022 NOAC Delegate Set
X7 2016 Ceremony Team   S23 2022 NOAC Flap
X8 Outstanding Arrowman Award   X26 2022 Ceremony Team
X9 2017 Heartland Gathering (S9 Conclave)   X27 2022 Cooking Team
S8 Jambo 2017      
X10 2017 Ceremony Team      
S9 Regular Issue      
S10 2018 5th Anniversary      
X11 2018 Heartland Gathering (S9 Conclavee)      
   S11/X12 2018 NOAC Set and 2018 NOAC Cancelled Set      
X13 2018 NOAC Contingent      
X142 2018 Ceremony Team      
X152 2019 Conclave Delegate      
X162 2019 Ceremony Team      

1 Blue Book references used with express permission.

2 The numbers of the X patches were revised in January 2020 due to the adding of the omitted 2018 ceremony team patch.


Withlacoochee Fellowship Patches

(more detailed information can be found on each patch's page)


2013 Summer Fellowship 2020 Winter Banquet
2013 Camp Osborn Service Day 2020 Spring Ordeal

2013 Camp Patten Service Day

2020 Summer Fellowship

2013 Fall Ordeal

2020 Fall Ordeal Fellowship

2014 Banquet

2020 Vigil Reunion

2014 Spring Ordeal

2021 Winter Banquet

2014 Summer Fellowship

2021 Spring Ordeal

2014 Fall Ordeal

2021 Summer Fellowship

2015 Banquet

2021 Fall Ordeal
2015 Spring Ordeal 2021 Vigil Reunion
2015 Summer Fellowship 2022 Banquet
2015 Fall Ordeal 2022 Spring Ordeal
2015 Vigil Reunion 2022 Summer Fellowship

2016 Banquet

2022 Fall Ordeal

2016 Spring Ordeal

2022 Vigil Reunion

2016 Summer Fellowship

2023 Banquet

2016 Fall Ordeal


2016 Vigil Reunion


2017 Banquet


2017 Spring Ordeal


2017 Summer Fellowship


2017 Fall Ordeal


2017 Vigil Reunion


2018 Banquet


2018 Spring Ordeal


2018 Summer Fellowship


2018 Fall Ordeal


2018 Vigil Reunion


2019 Banquet

2019 Spring Ordeal  
2019 Summer Fellowship  
2019 Fall Ordeal  
2019 Vigil Reunion  


Section SR-9 Conclave 2020 at Camp Patten Items

(more detailed information can be found on each item's page)



 Early Bird Patch
Service Patch

VIA Patch

Neckerchief Vigil Patch
Jacket Patch Luggage Tag
Wooden Token Hat
Flaps from Other Lodges  


Section SR-9 Conclave 2021 at Camp Patten Items

(more detailed information can be found on each item's page)



 Early Bird Patch
Special Service Patch

VIA Patch

Neckerchief Vigil Patch
Jacket Patch Service Fundraising Patch
Distinguished Service Award Rubber Patch
Flaps from Other Lodges 2021 Wilthcoochee Cup
2021 Mowogo Pin Hat


Other Withlacoochee Items

(more detailed information can be found on each item's page)


2013 Lodge Pins 

 2013 T-Shirt
2013 and 2014 Vigil Mugs

2013 Pin Tie Clasp

2013 Gold JTE Pin (on flap) Vigil Pouches
2014 LEC Pin LLD Pins
2014 Centennial Lodge Chip 2014 Fans
2014 Gold JTE Pin (on flap) 2014 Vigil Pin
2015 Token 2015 Centennial Pin
2016 OA Grace Token 2018 Vigil Pin
2020 Hat 2020 Vigil Mug
2021 Conclave Hat