Withlacoochee Lodge  #98

South Georgia Council, BSA

Issued S11 / X12 Cancelled QS11 / Cancelled QX12
The initial order of 500 sets did not arrive in time for NOAC and the order was cancelled.  After NOAC the company received the order and sent 5 sets to the lodge which went to David Vaughn, Bob Ingram, Matt Hart, Mike Greene and Merrill Dickenson.  It is not known what was done with the remainder of the order.  The primary differences are 1. No WWW in tree on right of cancelled patch and 2. the cell phone is black in the cancelled patch.

Withlacoochee Lodge #98


NOAC 2018 Flap and Pocket Part

S11 / X12 (Cancelled)

 500 made - 5 issued


Designed my Merrill Dickinson