Withlacoochee Lodge  #98

South Georgia Council, BSA



Mug 1


Issued to Vigil members beginning at the Vigil Breakfast in December 2013. 

The same mug was issued to both new and alumni Vigil members.  


Designed by Dale Wilson



Mug 2

Mugs which had no name were for guests at the Vigil breakfast who were not lodge members (i.e. mothers, sisters, etc. of the candidates).  Mugs which had a members's name on them were for Ordeal and Brotherhood lodge members who were guests at the Vigil breakfast.  These mugs were first used at the Vigil breakfast in December 2014.  New Vigils and alumni Vigil members, who did not have a mug, where given their Vigil mugs (Mug 1) at the Vigil breakfast.

Designed by Dale Wilson