Immokalee Lodge # 353

Serving the scouts in southwest Georgia since 1947 and now part of the new South Georgia Council

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2012 Vigil Reunion


   2012 Immokalee Vigil Reunion was held at Camp Osborn

on Saturday, December 8, 2012 during the Winter Fellowship.

A Vigil was also held the night of the 7th for three new Vigil members.


Tony Crowder was assigned Immokalee Vigil #129, which will be the last Immokalee Vigil. 

He was selected by random draw to receive the last number.




Grayson Drew  Vigil #127 (center); Tony Crowder Vigil #129 (center);

and, Alex Purdy Vigil #128 (right)



The new vigils receiving their pocket dangles.




Tommy McCurley and Miki Hutchinson



Tim McRae (Lodge Advisor) and Jason Adams (former Lodge Chief) and now "Father Jason."



Rodney and Miki Hutchinson




Each Vigil attending as given a mug with their name on it courtesy of Dale Wilson.



Estol Belflower, Immokalee Vigil #3, could not attend (he is retired and lives in Juneau, Alaska),

but he sent his patch blanket from the 1950s. 

Rodney Hutchinson (right) and Tommy McCurley (center) holding it up.



(All photos by Mike Greene)